Bitestrong™ Bite Blocks

Our Bitestrong™ Bite Blocks provide a safe passage through the mouth, protecting teeth and endoscopes during GI procedures. Keep your patients safe and comfortable during TEE procedures with our Bite Blocks. Our molding process creates a smooth, flash-free finish to prevent irritation. These bite blocks are individually wrapped in easy-to-open, sealed bags and are latex-free, lead-free, and DEHP-free. We also offer optional straps for added security. Our bite blocks are suitable for both adult and pediatric patients. Available in Single use and reusable.

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B1Single-Use Pediatric16 mm / 48FR, includes strap100 / Box
B1-25Single-Use Pediatric16 mm / 48FR, includes strap 25 / Box
B1-NSingle-Use Pediatric16 mm / 48FR, without strap100 / Box
B3Single-Use20 mm / 60FR, includes strap 100 / Box
B3-NSingle-Use20 mm / 60FR , without strap100 / Box
B3-SASingle-Use20 mm / 60FR, with strap attached to one side100 / Box
B3-NDRSingle-Use20 mm / 60FR, no dental retention rim100 / Box
B3-NDR-NSingle-UseSame as B3-N, no dental retention rim, without strap.100 / Box
B4Single-Use19 mm / 60FR100 / Box
B4TSingle-Use19 mm / 60FR, includes strap100 / Box
B4T-NSingle-Use19 mm / 60FR, without strap100 / Box
B6Reusable19 mm / 60FR100 / Box
B6TReusable19 mm / 60FR, includes strap100 / Box
B6T-NReusable19 mm / 60FR, without strap100 / Box
B6-25Reusable19 mm / 60FR25 / Box
B6T-25Reusable19 mm / 60FR, includes strap25 / Box
B6T-N-25Reusable19 mm / 60FR, without strap25 / Box
BSSingle-UseBite-Block straps
21.7” x .79” / 55 cm x 2 cm
100 / Box


  • Available without dental retention


  • Designed for repeated usage and will withstand commonly practiced chemical and steam sterilization cycles (134°C / 275°F).
  • Available with or without an adjustable retention strap