About Us

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, The Surgmed™ Group of Companies serves as a dedicated provider of the Canadian and global healthcare markets with high quality and competitively priced medical devices, all backed by world-class customer care. Together, our three unique companies; Advanced Surgi-Pharm Inc., Batrik Medical Manufacturing Inc., and Imperial Surgical Ltd., strive to be global leaders in delivering comprehensive healthcare value.

At Surgmed, we place a profound emphasis on the quality of our products as well as the relationships we cultivate with our valued customers and partners.

Surgmed Family

Reducing our impact on the environment

Conscious of our environmental responsibility, we acknowledge the importance of reducing our ecological footprint. As a company, we have taken many steps towards this goal including reducing product packaging and formats for less waste and reduced shipping emissions, implementing eco-friendly fixtures within our facilities, and going digital over print whenever possible.

Supporting important causes

As part of our corporate ethos, we actively support important causes when we can. We take pride in our contributions to events like the Crohn’s and Colitis Montreal Gutsy Walk, and our ongoing donations to The Missing Children’s Network with every Imperial Surgical Kerri Bear Bassinet sold.

Our company was founded in 1992 by Mitch Goldberg, a driven serial entrepreneur who likes to stay under the radar.

When Mitch was just 15 years old, he started his first serious business, NewTech Industries, which he sold three years later to focus on his education. After graduating with a BCom from McGill University, Mitch found himself working in Seagram’s Finance department. Three years later, while working as a stockbroker at the Royal Bank of Canada DS he was introduced to Prolax Medical Products. Shortly after the market crash of 1987, Mitch assumed the position of Managing Director at this medical manufacturing company headquartered in Spain.

Mitch Goldberg (CEO), Suzy Bairos (President), Patrick Allaire (Sales Manager '97-'02)
Mitch Goldberg with his first product, Gemini Torch Alarm, as featured in the Montreal Gazette, July 1981

After navigating a few twists and turns in the road to opportunity, the chance to start his very own medical business presented itself. In 1992 Mitch made the big leap, using his life savings to launch Advanced Surgi-Pharm Inc., which was initially a small local medical device distributor selling exclusively in Quebec, Canada. Five years later, Mitch and his team expanded upon their initial success with the launch of Batrik Medical Manufacturing Inc. in 1997 and the subsequent acquisition of Imperial Surgical Ltd. one year later in 1998.

Mitch at work in the Halpern, Dorval office in 2003

In its 30 years in operation, Surgmed has grown to be a group of respected companies that designs, manufactures and sells innovative medical devices worldwide. Now over 75% of Surgmed’s revenue comes from medical devices that are made in Canada and proudly sold in over 85 countries.

Still at the helm of The Surgmed™ Group of Companies as sole owner and CEO, Mitch is actively involved in the company and is focused on new product development and acquisition opportunities.

All three companies in The Surgmed™ Group of Companies have various ISO and CE accreditations: ISO 13485:2016, EN ISO 13485:2016, 93/42/EEC (EC), (EU) 2017/745 (for Class 1 devices), UKCA – UK MDR, MDSAP & CMDCAS and we have taken the initiative to implement quality control systems that are strictly enforced in both our manufacturing and distribution facilities. All our products are in full compliance with CE, ISO, UK, and MDSAP requirements and both Batrik Medical Manufacturing Inc. and Imperial Surgical Ltd. are FDA registered. 

Our quality program requires that all our suppliers complete a thorough quality-focused questionnaire. Furthermore, we insist that all suppliers of critical components have ISO certification. Our exclusive focus on the medical device market helps us to comply with both general and industry specific quality standards. The high-quality levels in our operations enable us to offer unique product guarantees. Learn about our certifications here.

Government Collaboration

As a trusted manufacturer of medical devices for nearly thirty years, we have long-standing supplier relationships worldwide. We have expertise in quality standards, experience fulfilling large government contracts, and have collaborated with various government agencies and healthcare authorities around the world.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Montreal (Lachine), Canada and in Europe, ensuring efficient operations to cater to global demands.

Our Canadian in-house production facility is HEPA filtered and registered as a device manufacturing establishment with the United States FDA. It is also in full compliance with CE and Health Canada Regulations, assuring the utmost safety and reliability of our medical devices, we continually invest in upgrading our plant, machinery, and processes to ensure defect-free products are consistently available at high volumes. 

Our DIMS facility in Europe provides us with a state-of-the art establishment to produce precision plastic components. 

Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating successful customer partnerships by offering high quality products and outstanding customer care. We strive for innovation, profitable growth, and to be a global leader in delivering total healthcare value.

Our Mission

We are committed to innovation, quality, and excellence in all that we do. From the products themselves to our after-sales service, we continuously strive to be the best medical device manufacturing and distribution company to ensure our customers can rely on us to help them ultimately improve the lives of the patients they serve.

Our Core Values


We build open and honest relationships while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect amongst one another and our customers, laying the foundation on which we succeed.


We take pride in the quality we produce. We complete tasks in a timely manner and are accountable for finding solutions.  Confidence demonstrates our commitment to both our peers and our customers.


We communicate with a positive and constructive approach towards customers and peers alike. We remain calm while demonstrating confidence in our decisions and an understanding of their effectiveness.


Imagination is the first step to influencing innovation. We use our problem-solving skills and constant thirst for new ideas to enhance our long-term success.


We support, respect, and show courtesy for one another, our customers, partners, and suppliers. Pride and responsibility are the undertone for our day-to-day tasks and accomplishments. In return, we create an inviting workspace for all.

Our Leadership Lineup

Mitchell Goldberg

Founder & CEO

Suzy Bairos


Kent Redcliffe


Jean-Philip Drouin

Sales and Marketing Director

Stephanie Corrente

Director of Operations

Zoe Goldberg

Head of Security

Mitchell K. Goldberg

Founder & CEO

Prior to Surgmed, Mitch was employed by Seagrams as a financial analyst and later as an investment portfolio advisor at a brokerage firm owned by the Royal Bank of Canada. He then began his journey in the healthcare industry in 1990 when he joined Proclinic Medical Supplies as Managing Director (NA Division), a surgical glove manufacturer with its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Then in 1992, as a true-entrepreneurial visionary and inventor, Mitch founded Advanced Surgi-Pharm, which would, along with Batrik Medical Manufacturing Inc. (1997) and Imperial Surgical Ltd. (1998), come to form the Surgmed™ Group of Companies.

Mitch has a Finance degree from McGill University, is a licensed financial trader and certified power boating Captain.

Suzy Bairos


Suzy joined the Surgmed Group in 1997.  Within 3 years and during Batrik’s early stages, she developed and supported the company’s International customers as the VP of International Sales. In 2003, Suzy was appointed Corporate Vice President, where she oversaw the company’s operations and adherence to rigorous regulatory standards. In 2020, as a skilled executive and leader, Suzy was appointed President of the Surgmed™ Group of Companies.

Kent Redcliffe


Kent joined the Surgmed team in 2015 as Corporate Controller. With over 25 years of management experience from both a financial and operational perspective, Kent is involved in all segments of the company and responsible for the Surgmed™ Group of Companies’ financials.

Jean-Philip Drouin

Director of Sales

After completing his MBA, Jean-Philip joined Surgmed in 2014. He joined the team as a Sales Representative for Eastern Canada with additional product management responsibilities. Jean-Philip then managed our Batrik network of dealers in his role as Director of International Sales for 2 years before being promoted in 2020 to Director of Sales for the entire Surgmed™ Group of Companies.

Stephanie Corrente

Director of Operations

With over 20 years of experience in Customer Care, Stephanie joined the Surgmed team in 2017 as Customer Service Manager.

In 2020 Stephanie was promoted to Director of Operations, where she oversees the customer experience, purchasing, planning, logistics, and warehousing for the entire Surgmed™ Group of Companies.

Zoe Goldberg

Head of Security

Beloved dog to Mitch and the entire Goldberg family, Zoe is a little poodle with a big, cheerful personality. She loves walks, affection, steak & eggs and hates being left home alone.

Despite being only 2 years old, Zoe takes her role as Head of Security very seriously and can usually be found making her rounds around the office, bringing smiles to the faces of the Surgmed Team.

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