Imperial Surgical Ltd.

Established in 1935, we are one of Canada’s oldest hospital capital equipment manufacturers, well-known for our stainless steel healthcare equipment for sterile processing, operating room, examination and treatment, patient handling, and mortuary/ pathology areas. Our growing portfolio of products also has applications in infection control & prevention, an important area of focus for our future.

Imperial Surgical Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We offer a wide range of high quality, single-use products for infection prevention and protection. All our PPE products are liability insured and comply with Health Canada standards.

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Surgical Products & Operating Room

Our surgical products and items for the operating room include a wide variety of consumables and capital equipment to support your needs during and post procedure. Intuitively designed to improve common processes, all products offer value added features and provide unique benefits.

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Infection Control & Sterile Processing

We offer a wide range of products for infection control and sterile processing including capital equipment and consumables. Our product portfolio includes solutions for use during a procedure, diagnostic testing, as well as pre-cleaning and manual cleaning.

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IV Therapy

Our IV Therapy range of products equips clinicians with the appropriate tools needed to deliver the intended treatment.

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Obstetrics & Women’s Health

Our Obstetrics & Women’s Health portfolio features products that enable physicians and health care professionals to provide efficient and effective health care for women, from basic annual gynecological exams to complex surgical procedures.

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Patient Handling

Our portfolio of patient handling products are designed with efficiency, convenience, and patient safety in mind.

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Examination / Treatment / Emergency

We offer a wide range of products for Emergency and Examination wards as well as treatment products for short and long-term patients.

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