G.O.L.F.F.™ Anti-Fog Solution with Sponge

Our G.O.L.F.F.™ Anti-Fog Solution with an adhesive back sponge is perfect for preventing fog from forming on endoscopic camera lenses in surgical procedures. This easy-squeeze 6 mL bottle of solution is designed to be used with a special radiopaque sponge for the best results. The solution is sterile, and latex-free. With G.O.L.F.F.™ Anti-Fog Solution, you can trust that your field of vision will remain clear and fog-free throughout your procedure.

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G.O.L.F.F.Anti-Fog Solution & Adhesive Sponge set20 / Box
  • Prevents the occurrence of fog on lenses
  • Ensures clearer vision and avoids unnecessary interruptions during surgery
  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • OEM available