Put your best foot forward with ShoozCovers!

Introducing Batrik ShoozCovers – our NEW disposable shoe covers designed to protect a wide variety of footwear and keep medical facilities clean.

They are 100% latex free, feature anti-skid tread for optimal safety and are manufactured in Canada at a competitive and consistent price.


All shoe covers are not created equal!

Size: Generous sizing (longer than most competitor products) for better fit and easy on-and-off convenience

Seams: Triple ultrasonic welds increase tear strength and reduce linting

Fabric: non-woven 35 g/m² polypropylene fabric is strong, minimizing tears

Elastics: truly latex-free and triple reinforced

Anti-skid: pattern on sole of covers prevents slipping

Proudly Manufactured in Canada:  reduces frustrating supply chain issues and shipping costs.


Choose amongst two versatile sizes: Universal & XL.

Visit our ShoozCovers product page to learn more!

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