Tape-B-Gone™ Adhesive Tape Remover

Our Tape-B-Gone™ adhesive tape remover is designed to remove tape residue from medical instruments and equipment. Developed with the highest quality ingredients, it does not contain any flammable or combustible ingredients. This proprietary formula quickly and effectively dissolve surgical tape with ease and is safe to use on metal, glass, plastic, and rubber without any special equipment or ventilation. It comes in a convenient spray bottle and ready-to-use. Get Tape-B-Gone™ for your medical supplies and enjoy the perfect adhesive remover.

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T-08RMV8 oz (237 ml) bottle1 Unit
T-32RMV8 oz (237 ml) bottle4 / Pack
T-SAMP-RMV0.5 oz (15 ml) bottle1 Unit
  • Easy to use Spray
  • Not flammable or combustible
  • Trade secret formula with a neutral pH of 7.0 – 8.0 surfactants
  • Safe for metal, glass, plastic and rubber
  • Safe for land transport (DOT), sea transport (IMDG/IMO), and air transport (IATA)