Surgical Identification Roll Tape

Our Identification/ID Roll Tape is perfect for easily identifying, organizing, and marking surgical instruments with the aid of color coding. Durable and withstands sterilization, it comes in 2 widths and 9 colors. Independently validated for efficiency in sterilization. Easy to apply, temperature tested, smooth, and flexible, and comes in convenient packaging.

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0.125” / 3.18 mm
0.25” / 6.35 mm
T-125-01 T-250-01White
T-125-02 T-250-02Blue
T-125-03 T-250-03Green
T-125-04 T-250-04Red
T-125-05 T-250-05Yellow
T-125-06 T-250-06Purple
T-125-07 T-250-07Orange
T-125-08 T-250-08Brown
T-125-09 T-250-09Black
  • Quickly identifies instruments by department or procedure
  • Easy to apply
  • Withstands repeated exposure to sterilization
  • Has more per tape roll (300” / 7620 mm)
  • Available in 9 colors and 2 widths
  • Conveniently packaged in a clear box
  • Non-Sterile