Enzymatic Foaming Spray

Our ready-to-use Enzymatic Foaming Spray is an effective pre-cleaner for surgical instruments. Our enzymes blend effectively breaks down and cleans away bioburden (such as blood, tissue, mucous, and other protein-rich body fluids). Our Easy To Use spray is ideal for instrument pre-cleaning for a surgical suite, central processing room, operating room, and other departments.

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SS-21-40011 x 946 ml (32 oz) Spray Bottle
SS-21-401212 x 946 ml (32 oz) Spray Bottles
Important: In addition to our enzymatic formulation, our spray bottle contains as much as 25% more solution when compared to the competition.

Formulated with PrAmLi Power3 Enzymes™, a unique blend of three powerful enzymes along with a surfactant to provide the ultimate in cleaning efficacy