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Products for the Operating Room include capital equipment such as Blanket Warming Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Case Carts from Imperial Surgical, and a wide range of consumables such as Vascular Silicone Ties, Suture Tags, Anti-Fog Solutions and Surgical Skin Markers from Batrik Medical. All our products offer value added features that provide unique benefits.


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SKINS™ - Surgical Skin Marker

The Batrik Surgical Skin™ Marker is designed with a bevelled tip to enable the creation of multiple tracing lines (fine or bold) just by holding the pen at different angles.

  • Made of lasting gentian violet ink that is non-toxic and non-tattoing
  • Available in non-sterile for pre-operative use, or sterile for use in the operating room
  • Available with or without 6 labels and a flexible 6" calibrated (in/mm) ruler
  • Surgical prep resistant
  • Latex free

Product Selection

 S-3000 STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker with ruler and label set 50 / box
 S-3001 STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker 50 / box
 S-30005 STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker with ruler and label set (Volume Packaging) 500 / box
 S-30015STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker (Volume Packaging) 500 / box
 S-93000 NON STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker with ruler and label set 1000 / box
 S-93001 NON STERILE - Multi-Tip Fine Marker 1000 / box
 S-94000 NON STERILE - Ruler 100 / bag
 S-94001 NON STERILE - Ruler (Bulk) 20,000 / box
 S-95000 NON STERILE - Set of 3 labels 100 / bag

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