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KLEANIK™ Sink Disinfection System

The coronavirus pandemic might make buildings sick, too

Health Purchasing News March 2020, Press Release



KLEANIK™ Sink Disinfection System

It has been well documented that sink drains are a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms which get disseminated through aerosols from water splashing into the sinks when they are used, causing the spread of nosocomial infections. KLEANIK™ provides continuous and automatic disinfection of sink drains, preventing the build-up of bio-film and the dissemination of pathogens from drains through aerosols. This ensures that critically ill and vulnerable patients are exposed to one less source of nosocomial infections.


Two-Pronged Approach

  A two-pronged approach is used to inhibit the formation of bio-film and kill bacteria:

  • Heating of the siphon
  • Electromechanical vibration of the siphon

  The high temperature kills bacteria continuously and the electro-mechanical vibration prevents biofilm formation inside the drain.

Fully Automatic

  Once installed, KLEANIK is fully automatic and self-regulating. Proper functioning can be easily checked by conveniently placed indicator lights on the front panel.

Safety Features

An electronic thermostat ensures there is no overheating. A liquid level sensor ensures the system deactivates to prevent dry-out in the event that the liquid level falls below the minimum level. Individual indicator lamps for liquid level, continuous operation, disinfection and cleaning provide visual confirmation of the unit’s functional status at all times. The disinfection system operates on a low voltage of 24V for additional safety.

Ergonomic and Aesthetic Design

The system comprising the disinfection unit and the control unit is neatly and discreetly installed under an existing sink, occupying the minimum of space and without the need for any rearrangement. In addition, the compact modular design ensures that it can be integrated within even the most complex and space-limited situations.

Proven Technology

KLEANIK’s effectiveness in controlling the spread of infections through sink drain aerosols is well documented at leading hospitals. Pathogen counts taken above sinks installed with the KLEANIK system show a significant decline from pre-installation levels.

Enhanced Patient Safety; Reduced Hospital Costs

Critically ill patients are vulnerable to catching nosocomial infections in the ward or the ICU, with fatal consequences in many cases. The cost burden to the hospital is enormous through extended stays and treatment costs. The cost of installing KLEANIK is a fraction of the total burden to the hospital from extended hospital stays of patients acquiring noscomial infections.

Outstanding Performance Guarantee

All KLEANIK units carry a performance guarantee. Should the total pathogen count measured above the sink drain not show a decline compared to pre-installation levels within 90 days, the unit can be returned for a full refund.

Incorporating Kleanik™ Automated Sink Drain Disinfection and an advanced, CSA Z-8000 compliant anti-microbial sink, Kleanik Integra™ offers protection against bacterial contamination from both the drain and the sink surface.


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