Kleanik featured in Health Research & Innovation Magazine

December 20, 2012

Kleanik featured in Health Research & Innovation Magazine

Imperial Surgical's Kleanik Sink Disinfection system has been featured in Health Research & Innovation magazine's Leading Edge section (reproduced below).


"Sinks can save lives"

"In the past eight years, 17 people have died in Ontario’s hospitals after catching germs found in sink drains. When water is run into the sink, bio-aerosols are created that transmit the bacteria into the air, easily infecting immune-compromised patients. A new clinically tested sink disinfection system called Kleanik has been shown to reduce water-borne pathogens by 75% or more and non- water-borne pathogens by 60% or more. It does so by continually heating the drain to 70˚C or higher and providing ultrasound vibration to prevent bacteria-supporting biofilm from forming. The sink, made by Imperial Surgical of Dorval, Que., was recently installed in Hamilton Health Sciences’ neonatal intensive care unit. www.surgmed.com” 

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