ENFit: Is Your NICU Ready?

January 21, 2015

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As you may be aware of, ISO will soon implement a new industry standard for the Enteral Feeding Tube called "ENFit". It has been created to reduce misconnections and the associated issues. Although ENFit has its place in adult hospitals, we are compelled to warn you that it is not safe for Neonatal Care.

Due to its ability to extract the content of the dead space, a medication surplus is being expressed into the catheter. The quantity extracted is not considerable enough to truly affect a grown adult, or even a child; but it is an issue which may put the life of a premature baby in peril.

It is a critical issue, as it relates to medication delivery where dosage can easily be exceeded by up to 500%.

Over the years, our Enteral Feeding Tubes Nutrisafe 2 has proven to you that its system is 100% safe. It has been designed for premature babies and also to completely eliminate misconnections. We are proud to say that for nearly 10 years, no incidents related to misconnections have been reported!

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