We offer one of the most comprehensive range of channel cleaning brushes, bite blocks and other accessories and consumables available in the industry that are uniquely designed and manufactured using proprietary processes to ensure the highest levels of efficacy, safety and comfort. All our products are latex-free, lead-free and DEHP-free.

Bite Blocks, Channel Brushes and other Endoscopy products

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Reusable ARC™ Channel Brushes

BATRIK has developed a cost-effective channel brush that can be used for cleaning endoscopes for an entire day.

  • Significant per use savings when compared to re-usable or disposable channel cleaning brushes
  • Soft tip ensures easy manipulation within the channel with no risk of damage
  • Sealed back-end prevents fluid from getting trapped inside the tube
  • Softened back-end also prevents damage if the cleaning brush is used in reverse
  • The volume of bristles is 20mm in length - almost double most other brushes - which provides more surface contact during the cleaning process
  • Brush head is electronically welded and will NOT separate from the sheath
  • Can be steam sterilized
  • Tested to effectively clean up to 10 scopes(1)
  • Packaging: box of 50
  • Latex free

(1) Discard after cleaning 10 scopes or sooner if any brush degradation is noticed. After ten applications the brush MAY have the appearance that it can still effectively clean, but we discourage prolonged use due to risk of cross contamination.


We recommend reading this article that helps you find the suitable brush for the right instrument. Simply follow this link: 



Product Selection

5 mm Cylindrical Daybrush
30-18050-T70” / 180 cm0.79” / 20 mm0.20” / 5 mm0.07” / 1.75 mmSingle
30-23050-T90” / 230 cm0.79” / 20 mm0.20” / 5 mm0.07” / 1.75 mmSingle
30-23050-2T90” / 230 cm0.79” / 20 mm0.20”/ 5 mm0.07” / 1.75 mmDouble





Packaging: Box of 50

Add the Suffix:

K = Receive a kit with the single use Valve/Control Cleaning Brush 5/11 Double Brushes (item #27-57787). Applicable on all models.
F = Receive a kit with our Flat Sponge. Applicable on certain models only, call for details. Packaging: Box of 40
FK = includes both the flat sponge and the valve cleaning brush.


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