Examination/Treatment & Emergency

We offer a range of products for Emergency wards, Examination wards and treatment products for short term or long term patients.

Infusers, Examination Tables and other products

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Narcotic Cabinets

Secure storage of narcotic medications with a full range of product sizes.

  • Designed for secure mounting inside an existing cabinet or on the wall
  • Heavy gauge Series 300 stainless steel construction throughout, fully welded and polished to a #4 blended finish
  • Stainless steel construction provides extended product life, facilitates cleaning and supports sterile storage
  • Cabinets available in single or double door configurations with a variety of locking systems available
  • Cabinets includes one fixed height stainless steel shelf; custom heights/designs available
  • Optional features include two and three position door lock assembly on the outer door larger cabinet designs and warning lights

Product Selection

 ET-1694 Single Door Narcotic Cabinet 12 in x 6 in x 12 in / 305mm x 152 mm x 305mm  
 ET-1694-D Double Door Narcotic Cabinet 12 in x 8 in x 12 in / 305mm x 203mm x 534mm
 ET-1695 Single Door Supply Cabinet 18 in x 6 in x 24 in / 457mm x 203mm x 610mm
 ET-1695-D Double Door Supply Cabinet 18 in x 8 in x 24 in / 457mm x 254mm x
610 mm







Optional Accessories

 ET-1690 Two Position Door Lock System  
 ET-1691 Three Position Door Lock System
 ET-1693 Warning Light System  

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