Sterile Processing

We offer a wide range of products for sterile processing that include capital equipment such as scrub sinks, bedpan rack systems, instrument preparation and linen inspection tables under the Imperial Surgical brand, and consumables such as plastic padlock security seals, instrument cleaning brushes, identification tape, silicone pin mats and instrument protectors from Batrik Medical.


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Kleanik Integra™


Incorporating Kleanik™ Automated Sink Drain Disinfection and an advanced, CSA Z-8000 compliant anti-microbial sink, Kleanik Integra™ offers protection against bacterial contamination from both the drain and the sink surface.


  • Conforms fully to CSA Z-8000 standards for healthcare facilities
  • Designed to minimize splashing and aerosol generation
  • SANIGUARD® Antimicrobial product protection inhibits bacterial growth and makes cleaning easier
  • Kleanik™ prevents biofilm formation and continuously kills bacteria in the sink drain


  • Eliminates Areas for Bateria to Grow
  • Restricts Splashing and Eliminates Free-standing Water 
  • Kleanik™ Sink Disinfection System
  • Created with Robust Stainless Steel
What is Z8000?
  • Health Care Facilities Standards
  • Developed by 32 CSA members
  • Took four years to compile
  • Contains over 400 pages of evidence-based recommendations
  • Covers all aspects of healthcare design, including; planning, construction and facility layout
  • Applies to hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities


About the Sink

Z8000 Compliant antimicrobial hand hygiene sink

  • Left rear drain location prevents water from splashing directly into the drain from either the faucet or from hand washing
  • Drain is left open and shaped to prevent the assembly of plugs, strainers and anti-splash fittings which are not permitted in the Z8000 guidelines
  • High back and side walls contain splashing and protect adjacent surfaces from contamination
  • The fixture is coated with SANIGUARD® product protection, which is applied to all exposed surfaces of the sink
  • Constructed from a non-porous material
  • No overflows



The SANIGUARD® treatment is built into products during the manufacturing process and will not wash off or wear away.  Under normal cleaning conditions, SANIGUARD® coatings and additives will provide continuous antimicrobial product protection for the useful life of the product.

SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection utilizes a patented, inorganic silver-ion technology to inhibit the growth of non-public health bacteria,* molds and mildews that cause odors, staining and product deterioration on the treated surfaces of the product itself and to keep the treated surfaces cleaner and fresher between routine cleanings. 

When microbes come into contact with a surface treated with SANIGUARD® product protection, the inorganic, silver ion technology actively inhibits their growth by hindering cell wall transmissions, disrupting cell metabolism, and interfering with cellular reproduction.


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