Patient Handling 

Our wide range of Patient Handling products includes maternity bassinets, stretchers, cubicle and I.V. track, bedside furniture, screens and positioners.

Strechers, Positioners and other Patient Handling Products

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Gel BeanBag Positioners

Our Blue Cloud™ Gel BeanBag positioners offer maximum protection. Our exclusive gel technology allows the gel to shift and conform evenly to the patient. You get all the benefits of the traditional BeanBag positioners with the added benefit of Blue Cloud™ Gel cradling against the patient and reducing the risk of decubitus ulcers.

Product Selection

 83-001 Gel BeanBag Positioner Integral
 Gel Layer / Valve is replaceable
 20” x 10”  
 83-002 Gel BeanBag Positioner Integral
 Gel Layer / Valve is replaceable
 20” x 20”
 83-004 Gel BeanBag Positioner w/
 Shoulder Cutout - Integral Gel
 Layer / Valve is replaceable
 40” x 30”
 83-004 Gel Bariatic BeanBag w/
 Shoulder Cutout - Integral Gel
 Layer / Valve is replaceable
 46” x 46”
 84-001 GEL Overlay w/ cutout
 for BeanBag (82-003)
 40” x 30” x ¼”
 84-002 GEL Overlay for BeanBag (82-002) 20” x 20” x ¼”
 84-003 GEL Overlay for BeanBag (82-005) 72” x 20” x ¼”
 82-000 Valve Replacement Kit N/A
 83-000 BeanBag / Gel BeanBag
 Repair Patch
 3” x 6”

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