We offer one of the most comprehensive range of channel cleaning brushes, bite blocks and other accessories and consumables available in the industry that are uniquely designed and manufactured using proprietary processes to ensure the highest levels of efficacy, safety and comfort. All our products are latex-free, lead-free and DEHP-free.

Bite Blocks, Channel Brushes and other Endoscopy products

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Transport Bags for Endoscope

Transport Bags for Endoscope and Medical Instruments are thoughtfully designed to eliminate touch-points during endoscope transport from point-of-care to the reprocessing area, and back, focused on safety of patients and medical staff.
Two separate disposable clear plastic bags were designed for that purpose:

• Made of recyclable LDPE material
• Excellent resistance to dilute and concentrated acids, alcohols, bases and esters*
• Can withstand high temperatures of up to 90 °C (194 °F)
• Is characterized by being quite flexible, highly resilient, and tough
• Good resistance to aldehydes, ketones and vegetable-based oils*
• Latex and DEHP-free
• Tamper-evident seal for added safety, also aids in keeping the instrument moist to avoid drying of bio-debris
• Clearly marked bags for immediate identification of clean and used scopes with the help of color-coded visuals
• Users can write important information directly on the bag in spaces marked with visual icons
• Made in Canada

ITEM NO.           DESCRIPTION           SIZE                           PACKAGING                
   17-HAP24            For Clean Equipment          24" x 22"
(61 cm x 56 cm)                
200 Units / Case
For Soiled Equipment 24" x 22"
(61 cm x 56 cm)
200 Units / Case
   17-HAP30For Clean Equipment30.5” x 26”
(77.0 cm x 66.0 cm)
200 Units / Case
For Soiled Equipment 
30.5” x 26”
(77.0 cm x 66.0 cm)
200 Units / Case








Using Your First ™SEALABLE transport bags reduces user error, prevents cross-contamination and promotes patient and medical staff safety.


* Reference on file.


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