We offer one of the most comprehensive range of channel cleaning brushes, bite blocks and other accessories and consumables available in the industry that are uniquely designed and manufactured using proprietary processes to ensure the highest levels of efficacy, safety and comfort. All our products are latex-free, lead-free and DEHP-free.

Bite Blocks, Channel Brushes and other Endoscopy products

Disclaimer: Please note that some medical devices advertised in the catalogue pages or listed on this website may not be licensed in accordance with Canadian law.  We diligently review medical device registration, however, the website may not be updated instantly.

B1 - Pediatric Bite-Block

Batrik Pediatric Bite-Blocks are designed to provide a safe passage through the child's mouth during TEE, protecting their teeth as well as endoscope equipment.

  • Lateral side openings allow for additional suctioning
  • Available with or without a retention strap
  • Individually wrapped and sealed in easy to open PE bags
  • Latex free

Product Selection

 B1-25 16mm/48FR - Includes Strap Box/ 25
 B1 16mm/ 48 FR - Includes Strap Box/ 100
 B1-N Same as B1 - Without Strap Box/ 100

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