Patient Handling 

Our wide range of Patient Handling products includes maternity bassinets, stretchers, cubicle and I.V. track, bedside furniture, screens and positioners.

Strechers, Positioners and other Patient Handling Products

Disclaimer: Please note that some medical devices advertised in the catalogue pages or listed on this website may not be licensed in accordance with Canadian law.  We diligently review medical device registration, however, the website may not be updated instantly.


Patient Positioners

Batrik has developed Blue Cloud™, a Viscoelastic Polymer Pressure Management & Patient Positioning System. Blue Cloud™ consists of a comprehensive product range that addresses: Obese vs Frail, Warm OR vs Cold OR, Long vs Short procedure, and Coagulants vs Anti-coagulants. Our products are competitively priced and provide the optimal solution for all potential operating room scenarios that can greatly impact the efficacy of any positioning system.

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